Big Rapids Middle School Parent Survey
Here at BRMS, we are passionate about offering a positive experience for all of our students.  In order to help us accomplish this, your feedback and input are greatly valuable.  Please take a few moments to complete the attached survey, which will provide us with responses to help shape our efforts and continue to make this building a great experience for our students and families.  

We are BR!

As a parent/guardian, I feel welcome at BRMS.
My child feels safe at school.
I believe my child is treated respectfully by other students.
I believe my child treats staff members with respect.
Adults at BRMS care about my child.
I am aware of the "positive bystander" program at BRMS.
I am aware of the #CARDS initiative at BRMS.
I am aware of the #231 initiative at BRMS.
Behavioral expectations are consistent throughout the school.
Communication is open between school staff and families.
The school contacts families of students who are struggling.
My child's teachers have realistic expectations.
I believe classwork is meaningful and made relevant.
I believe homework is meaningful and made relevant.
I feel comfortable helping my child with his/her homework.
I believe that the staff at BRMS teaches the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations.
Overall, I am pleased with the education my student receives at BRMS.
Would you prefer to receive a digital report card or a paper report card?
I am aware of and/or use the following forms of communication (check all that apply)
Is there any other form of communication our school could use to assist you at home.
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Does your child have difficulty with any of the following? (Check all that apply)
Weekly "Missing Assignment Reports" (weekly reports to students) and mandated "Homework Help" (Activity Time tutoring and assistance) are school-wide initiatives. Do you see these programs being helpful for your child?
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Please add any other other comments you would like to share:
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