Squatter Housing Application 2014-2015

NOTE: This application is considered LATE. The deadline was March 13 by 3:00pm.

Squatters and their roommates/suitemates can apply all on one application!

NOTE: You MUST Click Submit on the last page of the application AND see the confirmation page that says "Thank you for applying..." in order to know that your application has been received.

    Application and Assignment Process:

    1) Identify roommates/suitemates to live with in the fall of 2014 and spring of 2015. 2) Remember that only the following communities can be squatted - Anderson (non-Music Floor) - California Hall - Cortner Hall - Founders Hall - Grossmont Hall - Melrose Hall 2) Complete ONE application form with information on all student applicants NOTE: If you squat your current space, you will NOT receive a Room Draw lottery number and cannot go through Room Draw. If you choose to go through Room Draw, you forfeit your ability to remain in your current room and take the chance that you will get a better placement during Room Draw. In order to participate in Room Draw, you must forfeit your squatted room prior to March 21.

    Criteria for Selection:

    Priority is given to... - students who have contributed to the formation of community - those with high academic ability as reflected in GPA - students in “Good Standing” with the Office of Student Conduct - applications with the ability to make full use of space NOTE: If you squat a room without selecting your roommates or suitemates, you will be contacted to consolidate. This means that you and another person who are squatting individual spaces in the same hall will be moved within that building and placed together. We prefer that people who squat their rooms also select roommates. Thank you!

    Important Information:

    - ALL policies and procedures must be upheld as outlined in University publications, including but not limited to: The Room & Board Contract, Campus Resource and University Policy Guide, and Code of Student Conduct, and Apartment Housing Handbook/Contract Supplement. - The University reserves the right to place students in an empty space at any time, as well as cancel housing for an individual or group should this become necessary. - Should a roommate drop out at any time, the remaining students will be expected to select a new roommate within a specified amount of time as determined by the Housing Office (depends on time of year). Additionally, the University reserves the right to consolidate & reassign rooms to facilitate special accommodations and all housing needs. - Remember...Residence Life and Housing will attempt to honor, but cannot guarantee, selection or specific room placement for themed communities. If you are NOT selected, please remember that you MUST go through the Room Draw process in the spring.

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