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The Junction BIA is gathering contact information from potential vendors (and larger organizing bodies) interested in being involved in our Junction Holiday Market event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November 30 to December 2, 2018. This list will be made available to our member businesses who are either looking to have a large space filled with multiple vendors as a marketplace or a few individual vendors sharing space in a smaller store.

This is a contact list only. The BIA does not guarantee space or even the availability of space. Our member businesses may choose to reach out to you to discuss arrangements. Junction businesses participating in this event are responsible for dictating their own terms, timelines, fees, etc.

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We are collecting contact details for both Marketplace Organizers and Individual Vendors. MARKETPLACE ORGANIZERS would be able to facilitate an entire event in a venue, gathering multiple vendors. For example: event planners, guilds, artist collectives, cultural organizations, etc. INDIVIDUAL VENDORS are looking for space or a table within a market or store.
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Feel free to share more details about what you can offer at our Winter Market event.
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