Youmacon 2020 Panelist Application
The deadline to complete this form will be July 31, 2020.

Lets get ready for Youmacon 2020!

Application: Please pay close attention to each question and answer as correctly as possible. Do. Not. Rush. Be thorough on your description. Only 4 panelists are registered per panel. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please register under your FULL government issued ID NAME. We will be using your ID to cross reference our database. This is for your security. Your ID gives us proof of who you are.
For example: If your ID says Elizabeth Barnes, please do not register under Liz Jones. We will not be able to prove that it is you.
If your ID name is a dead name, please let the Live Events team know when you meet them so they can properly respect that.

Panel Content: Due to issues in the past we have set guidelines for panel content. Please consider these before you apply.
*Internet might not be available to you in the panel rooms, please be prepared!*
The following categories may be reason for panel DENIAL:
● In character
● Dance group
● Self promotion
● Sensitive subjects (mental illness, realistic gun violence, lifestyle shaming)
● Repeated content (one of many same-subject submissions)
● Unrelated content (panel content related to/inspired by Japanese media are given priority)
● Streaming

The following categories of panels are ENCOURAGED:
● Japanese Media (or inspired) Discussion (games/anime/art/music/tv/cinema/fashion/etc.)
● Japanese Media (or inspired) Presentation (games/anime/art/music/tv/cinema/fashion/etc.)
● Japanese Related Fashion/Makeup/Accessories
● Game Show
● Fellowship & Camaraderie
● Audience Participation
● Diversity
● How-To/Workshop
● Cosplay/Fur/Steampunk

Emails: When applying to host a panel make sure your primary panelist email is correct. This is the Live Events Team’s sole means of contact. We will not be emailing each panelist individually, only the primary panelist will receive an email. It is also important that you like and follow our Facebook page @YoumaconLiveEvents to keep up to date on the panel application process.

Be patient: We understand that there is a lot of preparation involved in hosting a panel and you would like to know right away if your panel has been accepted. Please understand that there is also a lot of organization that goes into our end as well. We, just like you, are fans volunteering our time to create this experience. The results of your application will be emailed to you as soon as we are able to do so. We humbly ask you to refrain from emailing us questions as to the status of your applied panel. Thank you in advance for this.

Unrelated Panels?: Youmacon is a celebration of Japanese media and its influences on the world. For this reason we would like to encourage panelists to keep their panel content related to Japanese media and its influences. However, Youmacon is also an inclusive convention and we don’t want to turn away a good event idea as long as we have the room for it. Please understand that content related to Japanese media will be given priority.

Denied Panels: We understand that even with our guidelines you might not understand why your panel was denied. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to answer queries as to why each denied panel has not been accepted. We apologize and hope you will continue to apply, following the above guidelines.

Panel Cancellations: While we understand “life happens,” we do try to impress upon our panelists the importance of canceling panels prior to the 30 day mark. Cancellations past the 30 day mark will be logged and could hinder future panel applications made. Panelists who have a history of following proper procedure will be given priority.

Preregister: The Live Events Team would like to stress the importance of preregistration. Make sure to select the mail in option for your badge. It would be a shame for a panelist to be unable to make it to their panel because they are stuck in line waiting to buy a badge. All preregistered panelists will be able to pick up their badge in the Con Operations room in the TCF Center, room 140 D on the ground floor. In the past we have offered discounted badges, however as of Youmacon 2020 Live Events will no longer be selling badges at a discounted rate. Badges are still available at the Live Events operations booth at the full rate in the case a panelist did not preregister.

Reimbursements: It costs nothing to host a panel at Youmacon, in fact, it pays! Panelists who host panels at Youmacon are entitled to reimbursement of their badge costs based on the amount of hours they hosted:
• 1.5 hours / $20
• 3 hours / $45
• 4.5+ hours / Full refund for purchase of badge
(Platinum Badges will receive $70)
If you are running multiple panels you may not collect your reimbursement until after your LAST panel. To receive your refund you must bring a form of ID like a Drivers License, student ID, etc. If you do NOT pick up your refund before Closing Ceremonies is scheduled to begin, you will not receive the money. We will not mail out money and we will not hold it for next year.
****As of Youmacon 2020 Live Events will no longer be selling badges at a discounted rate****
Email address *
Confirm Email *
YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS IMPORTANT! This is our sole means of contacting you to approve your submission. Every year we have many bounced emails because the addresses were wrong. This email should be the primary panelists email.
Group Name
This only applies to multiple panels hosted by two or more people.
Primary Panelist Name (as seen on government ID) *
Although there may be more than one panelist for a panel, we ask you designate one panelist as the primary contact.This is your name as seen on your ID. Please do not register under a business name or a group name. We will only email the primary panelist.
Primary Panelist Registration Number *
The Registration number you received when you purchased you 3-day or Platinum pass online. You may need to open your registration PDF to find this number. If not pre-registered just put down "1" as the registration number.
Primary Panelist Phone Number *
We will not call if you are accepted, we will only email. However, we would like to have a phone number we can contact during the convention in the off chance we may need to contact you.
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