Artist Collaboration
The Children’s Fine Art Gallery [the CFAG] (a Daira Centre for Arts and Culture initiative) invites you to be a part of our most prestigious project – 'The Children’s Art Festival 2019'. Aimed at introducing the exuberant culture of art to the young spirits of the city, the CFAG holds a 3-day Art Festival which includes live art studios, art workshops, and demonstrations. This festival also is a platform which showcases art by students.

'Why': Artists possesses a powerful tool. A tool that can evoke a wide range of emotions and stir social movements. They can, without uttering a word, enlighten, educate and effect change around the world.

'What': The artists shortlisted to participate would have to be present for all the three days of the festival. They are required to engage the highly charged and enthusiastic audience in one of the following ways:
1. Executing short and crisp workshops.
2. Provide a live demonstration of their works (Only Fine Art/Craft)
3. Help students create art tokens and initiate guidelines through specially created art exercises provided by the gallery.
4. The Performing Art Workshops are conceptualized to promote contemporary Art and Artists. Please write in to us to creatively explore and ideate on this opportunity.

Take Aways:
^ Opportunity to Hold Professional Workshops
^ Platform for Personal Branding
^ Being associated with the one and only Art Festival for students
^ Feature as Participating Artist in the Event's Media Circulations.
^ Participation Certificate offered.
^ Opportunity to meet and interact with other artists and seniors from the fraternity.

The Last date for the receipt of your filled up Registration form and associated Mails is December, 25th 2018.

Please Note :
1. This opportunity is available to Professional/ Upcoming/Self Taught Artists who have been on an active pursuit of their Art/Craft.
2. Prior experience of working with Children is an added bonus, however not compulsory ( The Art Festival is open to Children in the Age groups of 4 to 18 years ).
3. All Artists, shortlisted and confirming to participate in the Art Festival, will enter into a legally binding MOU with The Children’s Fine Art Gallery.
4. They will be required to unfailingly participate for the time mutually agreed upon/ All the Days of the Art Festival
5. The Materials required for the Workshops will be provided by the Children's Fine Art Gallery.

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