Center For Creative Learning - For Credit Classes :: Rancho Tuesday/Thursday
2020-2021 School Year
CCL Director: Marilyn Stephens • 626-222-3562 •

Complete an application for EACH STUDENT enrolled in Jr/Sr High Academic Credit Courses
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If the student named above is legally driving, s/he has my permission to drive to and from campus on his/her own. My student driver understands they are NOT allowed to drive other students anywhere, without express written permission from those students’ parents. (Please note: The parking lots are not supervised by teachers or administrators of WCSPSP).
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Tuition is per 16 wk semester, payable by first day of class, unless payment arrangements are made with the instructor(s). Second semester payments will be due end of Jan/beginning of Feb.
$35 Enrollment Fee (non-refundable) per class per semester is INCLUDED in the pricing of each class.
For non - members, the Enrollment fee is $60. Please add $25 to the tuition amounts below.
Courses (Mark all in which your student will be enrolling) *
With the enrollment of my student in these For Credit courses, I understand and agree to the following: *
Tuition fee for each class will be paid to the instructor teaching the class.
Tuition fee does NOT include books and/or other required materials. Please refer to each instructors class syllabus for this information.
Homework and testing administered by the instructors is your curriculum for the year and should be completed with the intent of receiving a grade to be placed on the student's transcript.
Tuition fee is payable by the first day of class and covers 16 weeks (1 semester). If tuition fee is not paid, the instructor reserves the right to withhold the final grade.
Any disagreement with the instructor should be handled according to the Biblical principles in 1 Cor 6:1-8, Matt 5:23-24, and Matt 18:15-20.
I waive my right to file a lawsuit against WCPSP or CCL in any civil court for any disputes or controversy, except to enforce a legally binding arbitration decision.
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