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Thank you for your interest in the Flowerpot Island Host Program! Hosts are representatives of Parks Canada and The Friends and are on a working vacation, not a cottage rental. Hosts take care of the day-to-day duties which include greeting visitors, managing the store, waving at the tour boats as they pass by, answering questions and giving general information. Jobs to be done daily consist of cleaning the museum, store, lawns and gardens. Each evening after closing the store, the shelves need to be restocked, the inventory balanced with the sales and money deposited into the safe.

During your stay, the lightkeeper's museum and store should be open and ready for visitors from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. At least 2 hosts must be available on-site during these hours and the expectation is that hosts will be visible, available, cheerful and welcoming!

Hosts stay in a three-bedroom bungalow (built-in 1959). There are three bedrooms, two with double beds and one with two single beds. The kitchen has a solar refrigerator, a propane stove/oven, dishes and cutlery. There is an outdoor cookhouse with a propane stove, a solar oven and propane BBQ. (Propane provided). Basics such as toilet paper, garbage bags, dish soap and cleaning products are supplied. Comforters, Sleeping bags and pillows are also provided. Hosts must bring food, sheets, pillowcases and towels. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash and please bring covers for the sofas to control pet hair.

The bungalow is maintained and cleaned throughout the summer ONLY by you, the hosts. Departing hosts please leave the home as clean, or cleaner, than you found it.

Hosts are responsible for their OWN boat fare and take a boat from Tobermory to Flowerpot Island (approx. 15 minutes). Luggage and supplies must be carried from where the tour boat docks (this is weather dependant) to the Light Station. From Beachy Cove it is a 25-minute walk and from the Marl Bed Trail, it is approximately a 45-minute walk. The trail can be rough in some places with several up-hill sections and all supplies and luggage must be hand-carried in and out by you so limit what you bring!

On the day your stay begins it is important that you arrive aboard the first boat from Tobermory. On the day of your departure, to enable an easy changeover of hosts, plan on not leaving before the third boat.
Hosts must be flexible, as tour boats may cancel trips or whole days depending on the weather and winds. This may delay or prolong your stay on the island, i.e., you may not get out to the island on the day you planned and/or you may not get back from the island on the day you planned. Otherwise, hosts must go out to the island on their stated start date and leave the island on the date of your stated departure. There are no refunds of host fees unless tour boats do not operate on all the days of your booked host stay.

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Checklist before applying to be a volunteer host:
*Are you & all your group members of The Friends of Bruce District Parks Association?
*Can your group carry all items & food needed for a 3 day stay from the dock to the Light station?
*If need be, is your group prepared to cook outside in the Cookhouse? *Can you live without electricity using solar-charged lights or flashlights?
*Can your group manage with no cell phone coverage or internet? (cell phone coverage at Beachy Cove)
*Are you prepared for the possibility of cold days and nights with no heat in the houses?
*Are you flexible should the weather cause the tour boats do not operate, either delaying or prolonging your stay on the island?
*Can your group welcome a large number of visitors throughout the day, (can be hundreds at busy times), manage the gift shop from 10:00 to 5:00, and answer any questions all with a smile on your face?
*We suggest you visit Flowerpot Island before applying to the Host Program!

MAXIMUM of eight people

For safety concerns, children under the age of six may not stay overnight at the Light Station.

Each family and/or single person must already be a member of The Friends of the Bruce District Parks Association ($15.00 per family and $10.00 per single).

A three-night stay for up to 4 people costs $150.00. Total inc. HST = $169.50

There is a $30.00 charge for each extra person. Total inc. HST = $33.90

Successful applicants will be contacted by email in late April 2020 and fees are due upon acceptance as a host.
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Indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of dates to Host from the dates listed below:
(You may not get your first, second or third choice as we strive to provide onsite Host coverage for the whole season and accommodate as many groups as possible)

May 15,16,17

June 5,6,7 June 8,9,10 June 11,12,13 June 14,15,16 June 17,18,19 June 20,21,22 June 23,24,25 June 26,27,28
June 29,30,July 1

July 2,3,4 July 6,7,8 July 9,10,11 July 12,13,14 July 15,16,17 July 18,19,20 July 21,22,23
July 24,25,26 July 27,28,29 July 31, Aug.1,2

Aug.3,4,5 Aug 6,7,8 Aug 9,10,11 Aug 12,13,14
Aug 15,16,17 Aug 18,19,20 Aug 21,22,23 Aug 24,25,26 Aug 27,28,29 Aug 31,Sept.1,2

Sept 7,8,9 Sept 10,11,12 Sept 13,14,15 Sept 16,17,18


Sept 22,23,24 Sept 25,26,27
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