Umeed Membership Form 2018-2019
Umeed is a student-run welfare organization based in Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad.

For our Membership Cards, send us your Pictures at

For any queries or questions regarding this form, send us a message at, call us at 0306-4254488, or email us at

Section 1 - Biographical Information
1.1. Name *
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1.2. Gender *
1.4. Department *
if you are not ISTian, mention your Degree and University in 'Other' option
1.5. Batch *
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1.6. Cell Number *
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1.7. Current Address *
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1.8. Email Address *
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Section 2 - Position Information
2.1. Select the position(s) you wish to apply for. Multiple positions can be selected. If your field of expertise is not listed below, select other, and enter your answer. *
NOTE: Send us a sample of your work if you are applying for Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Video Editing, or Blog in an email to with your name and batch number.
2.2. Please mention any specific skills (software/hardware). *
If none, enter N/A.
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2.4. What is your mode of transportation? *
If none of the following, please select other, and answer.
Section 3 - Detailed Questions.
Answer these questions in paragraphs.
3.1. Write a short introduction about yourself and your experience with social work. Be creative. *
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3.4. If there is anything else about you which is not covered by this form and you'd like to share with us, or if you have any suggestions for us, please enter below.
Answering this question is not mandatory. You may leave it empty.
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