MMP Mentee Expectations

    Before you complete your application to be a mentee with the Multicultural Mentoring Program, we want you to understand our expectations of you as a participant in our program. Mentee Role • Maintain a positive attitude • Seek advice from mentor and academic advisor • Attend all classes • Participate in activities with mentor and other mentees • Look, listen, and learn • Strive for success • Reach out to your mentor; let him/her know what's on your mind • Assume responsibility for your own professional growth & development • Set goals and make decisions to achieve these goals • Be receptive of constructive feedback • Utilize campus resources Mentee Characteristics • Be open-minded for suggestions • Get to know their mentor • Show an interest in academic achievement • Accept support from the mentor • Participate in MMP activities • Make positive adjustments • Maintain contact with the mentor • Set high expectations of performance What To Do With Your Mentor? • Attend academic related functions • Build a positive relationship • Attend athletic events • Study together • Look, Listen, and Learn • Attend academic workshops • Interact with other mentees • Attend cultural events • Participate in academic and social activities with mentors to share resources and experiences
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