Soul Saga Bug Report
Welcome to the bug reporting form for Soul Saga!  I'm just a single developer committed to bringing you the best experience I can, so your feedback is invaluable!  Thank you very much for your time and patience reporting any issues.  I personally read each report myself and will try to resolve them as soon as possible! =)
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(Optional) Please supply an e-mail in case more information is required to reproduce the bug.
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(Required) Short description of the bug.
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(Required) A detailed explanation of the bug, how to reproduce it, and what you expect to happen instead.
Supporting Links
(Optional) Please supply any links to videos or images that help identify the bug.  It's recommended to host files on Google Drive, Dropbox, or Youtube on "unlisted" settings (where anyone with the link can access, but it isn't archived in search engines to avoid spoiling for others).
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(Required) The Platform that the bug occurred on.
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(Optional) Additional information regarding the platform, such as Operating System version, video card, processor, memory, etc.
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(Required) Soul Saga game versions come with 3 number sets separated by periods.  This number can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the title screen in-game.  Beta starts with a 0.  Ex: 0.9.2
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