DigLibArts 2020 Initiative: Learning Community Funding - Spring 2018
The Learning Community funds are designed to support groups of at least 3 regular members connected by a shared topic or set of activities. Each group funded will receive a shared budget to use in a defined period. Topics can relate to any facet of digital well-being, broadly construed.

We especially welcome proposals that seek to create sequential or connected experiences for students, so that they have multiple opportunities to learn and practice and develop knowledge and skills. That could include paired courses, or a set of courses or other learning experiences (research assistance, internships, etc) that students might take sequentially.

Digital well-being, the ability to develop a nurturing personal and/or community digital infrastructure, articulates one facet of Whittier’s mission to “prepare students from diverse backgrounds to excel in a complex global society” by empowering individuals and groups to become “active citizens and effective communicators who embrace diversity and act with integrity” in digital spaces. (See the Learning Community FAQ for more information.)

Application Review Procedure: Applications received by Monday April 16, 2018 will be reviewed by the DigLibArts Steering Committee/Educational Resources Committee. Recommended applications will then be approved by Dean of Academic Affairs. Awardees will be notified of acceptance by the end of the semester.

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