Short survey about the use of "guys" to describe programmers solving penguin problems. Answer it for science?
I'm having a disagreement about whether or not "guys" to refer to "programmers" implies that the programmers are men.

Instead of arguing, I thought it would be healthier and more mature to do science and collect some data about perceptions.

Let's all answer it in a spirit of "these are my actual thoughts when I hear those words", not "this is how I think language should be used"

I'll publish the data, minus email addresses, so we can have slightly more informed discussions.

***Update***: The results for this survey are up! You can see a discussion at

and the data at:

You can still fill it out for fun.
Hey guys! I just saw that a penguin escaped. *
I'm going out with the guys. You can deal with the penguins. *
We're going to need to hire a Python guy to deal with our penguin problems. *
This would never have happened if the Java guys were here. *
That penguin is such a good guy, though.
Those guys dealt with the penguin emergency so professionally. *
I met a great Erlang guy the other day who knows how to deal with thorny penguin issues *
Do you identify as a woman? *
Where do you live? (optional)
let's say "where do you live right now", for simplicity
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