Appointments to Pick up Personal Items & drop Texts & Tech, SHS Students
If you need an appointment to pick up personal items, please fully complete this Form. If you need an appointment to drop off texts or tech also fully complete the Form. We will have different procedures in place for each appointment so may have one appointment for pick up, the other for drop off. Appointments will not start until after June 8. Appointment dates/times will be sent to the email submitted on the Form once we are given the dates to use.

Items for return will be left on tables to "air" for a number of days, not checked directly in at the appointment.
This applies even if you have to first remove the items from your locker.(bring bags and name tags).
YOUR NAME ON THEM is very important.
Wrap tech in a plastic bag with your name taped on the tech so you are credited with the return.
Place texts in a plastic bag with your name inside or taped on each book so you are credited with the return.
Please respect rules of social distancing.
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I need to visit my locker, Y/N
My locker is on which floor?
I need to visit the Music Room, Y/N
I need to go to another spot in the school for my things. It is..... (room)
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I need to return items belonging to the Library (books, texts), Y/N
I need to return technology, Y/N
I will be travelling with other members of my immediate household who also attend SHS so we would like the same time slot. That student(s) has also completed a form and their name(s) is.....
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