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PLEASE NOTE: APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE PARTICIPATION. All applications will be reviewed by, and are subject to the approval of, the Brookfield Farmers Market Committee. The Brookfield Farmers Market Committee will consider overall suitability/fit with the Market, availability of space, and diversity of products available at the Market. ***Please type your name that you have read and accept " *** *
Farmers Market Rules and Regulations ELIGIBILITY TO SELL A vendor is any person offering for sale items for consumption, such as fruits or their juices, vegetables, edible grains, nuts and berries, and apiary products or non-edible articles such as cut or potted flowers, items which have been raised, prepared or manufactured by the vendor, members of his/her family or by persons in his/her employ. SELLING REGULATIONS 1. Fresh produce may be sold by the piece, or by weight on a scale that is legal for trade and bears a current seal. The face of the scale must be visible to the buyer. Scales used in prepackaging are not subject to state testing; however, produce so packed is subject to inspection to verify the accuracy of the claimed weight. Most produce is sold in volume containers or by the count. When produce is precut and wrapped, a label must be applied to the package to clearly indicate the complete business name and address of the packer or distributor. The label on prepackaged produce sold by weight must also show the commodity name, net weight, price per pound, total price and, if packed other than on the premises, the business name and address. All fresh berries, cherries, currants and other small fruit may be sold, if in the bulk, in standard-sized containers such as quarts, pints, standard dry measure, etc. The fruit must be uniform in size or sold by the numerical count. Melons may be sold by the count
Corn may be sold by multiples
Root crops may be sold by the piece or by the bunch 2. The source for all bulk products such as dried fruits, edible grains, dried herbs, nuts, and seeds must be identified and displayed. 
 3. Any perishable items such as fresh fruit juice, cider, sprouts, etc., must be kept at a temperature of 40F or below. Dry ice is acceptable. 
 4. No unwholesome or spoiled items may be offered for sale such as cracked melons, overripe tomatoes, etc. 
 5. Certified organic growers must display certification. 
6. A general listing of products and specialty items must be submitted to market manager prior to market for his/her review. Market manager may determine if certain “question- able” items may be sold at market. 
7. All baked goods and on site prepared food vendors must have acquired all necessary licenses, permits, etc. prior to market season and furnish copies to the market manager before entrance to the market as a vendor. All vendors must be in compliance with all local Health Department rules. 
 8. The sale of fish, eggs, or dairy products shall be permitted as long as the vendor is in compliance with all state laws and/or local Health Department rules and regulations covering such products sold at the market. 
9. Vendor space is non-transferable. 
 10. Approved full-season vendors will be assigned a “regular” market space; however, vendor relocation and/or spacing adjustments may be necessary from time-to-time, and Market placement shall be at the sole discretion of the on-site manager. Although we will try our best, part-season vendors may not expect/assume a “regular” space assignment due to space limitations/scheduling conflicts, and must check in at the Chamber tent upon arrival at each Market for their assigned placement that day. 11. The Brookfield Farmers Market is a smoke-free/non-smoking market. GROWER DISPLAY ARRANGEMENTS 1. The Market is open-air, no shelter is provided. Sellers must furnish their own tables, chairs, drop-cloths, and canopies/tents weighed down with 40 pounds (10 lbs/tent leg) for wind safety. Failure to do so is cause for expulsion. 2. The name and hometown of each seller must be displayed on a sign. 3. The price of every item for sale must be clearly marked/displayed with appropriate signage. 4. All equipment used for transportation and display shall be kept clean at all times with adequate protection against contamination to products. 5. No seller shall attract attention to his goods by hawking or “crying out”. SET UP AND BREAKDOWN REQUIREMENTS: 1. Set-up time officially begins at 7:00 AM. No vendor may begin setting up prior to 7:00 AM without Market Manager approval. 2. All vendors shall be ready to open the market by 8:00 AM and shall not break-down their tents and display prior to 1:00 PM. Vendors must be set up, and ready to sell, when the market opens. All vendors are expected to stay through the duration of the market each day. 3. Vendors must remove all delivery and personal vehicles from the Market area by 7:30 am, unless deemed necessary by, and with the prior approval of, the Market Manager. Vendor vehicles should be parked in the back (north) “commuter” lot, and may not park in the front lot or the Police parking area that is immediately behind Village Hall. 4. All vendors are responsible for the set-up and break-down of their own tents and dis- plays, and must provide adequate persons/staffing to do so. CLEAN-UP REGULATIONS Sellers must remove all waste and refuse from their spaces and Market areas before leaving for the day. It may be useful to have a basket or bucket for trimmings/waste. Sellers’ sales and display area must be kept free and clear of unsightly and dangerous debris. ENFORCEMENT OF MARKET RULES The Market Managers have full authority to enforce these Market Rules, and the enforcement of which cannot be contested. Occupants of spaces at this market must at all times conform to the Market Rules. The Market Manager reserves the right to adjust market rules and regulations during the season as needed, in order to better serve or protect the buying public, to ensure fair competition among vendors, and/or for the overall good of the Market. ***Please type your name that you have read and accept the "Rules and Regulations" *** *
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