Jepson Alumni Corps Member Inquiry
As we move into the next year of the Jepson Alumni Corps (JAC), we want to take a moment to identify those members that would like to continue with the Corps and those that may need to take a break. Ideally, we would like some members to continue so that we do not have an entirely new Corps, thus the two-three year term in the JAC Charter.
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If you do plan to continue with JAC, please select a committee
If you do plan to continue, identify if you would like to possibly assume a leadership position.
If you do plan to continue with JAC, please provide your most up-to-date title and organization.
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If you do plan to continue wiht JAC, please provide your best phone and e-mail.
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Please select the various fields/industries in which you have worked (multiple selections possible).
Please list any graduate programs you have completed and/or are enrolled in at this time (include degree and corresponding institution).
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Please identify any Jepson alumni you would recommend to serve on the JAC.
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Would you be willing to review and provide feedback for students' Jepson Elevator PItches on-line ? *
Would you be interested in mentoring a Jepson student(s)? *
You would be provided with recommended intervals in which to interact with your mentee(s), some template messaging, etc. as a baseline. If you indicate you are interested, you will receive more information before being assigned a mentee(s).
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