Hack for Sweden Volunteer
To make Hack for Sweden 2018 run as smoothly as possible, we need your help! The assignments of a volunteer is everything from managing social media, staff the info desk, assist with technology, help out with the food, to mingle with our speakers and exhibitors, take care of the jury, search for things that can be improved, act and improve it! You can also sign up as a mentor. Than make a comment in the "comments" field with the world "mentor" followed by your areas of expertise. In sum, make sure everyone in the facility is happy and make the event as awesome as possible! There will be an information meeting the week before where we gather at Norrsken and go through the schedule.

If you sign up for more than two slots you also may receive a written document that you have participated as a volunteer, if requested.

You may sign up for as many slots as you can! :)

Hope to work with you April 13-15 !!

/The Hack for Sweden Team

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When are you available? We will assign you slots based on your availability (You will not be assigned all of the slots you have ticked in )
All meals will be vegan, do you have any other preferences, gluten free etc?
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