Crew sign-up form HOP 2021 (23-27 August)
(IMPORTANT) A quick message before you fill in:

With the current Corona crisis going on, there is some uncertainty as to what HOP2021 will be like. Given the information we have now, we imagine that HOP this year will still be impacted by Covid. It’s entirely possible that this year's HOP will still not have any of the big events like usual, instead it will be more focused on smaller events spread across the city. We are currently working with different scenarios and being Crew in this kind of HOP-week will be an instrumental part of our organization. There are the traditional crew tasks like carrying chairs & tables, and more on supporting & supplying the mentor groups. This means you'll be more on the road than previously and you'll get to perhaps interact more with the participants/mentors.

Crew this year is a week task. We will make sure you will have plenty of variation. We promise you HOP crew will not be boring. You'll be deployed more in smaller events. We are looking for strong people, people with a knack for communication, a social butterfly and love for helping people.

Your tasks:
- Bring around food, drinks, equipment at our locations
- Assist mentor groups and at events.
- Help us set up and build down the events
- Be the gears behind the HOP

Of course, we'll always make sure you get to do this together as a crew-team. We'll avoid instances where you have to do tasks on your own as much as we can. It will be a more social job which will stand at the heart of the week, and therefore you are very much needed.

Everything might still change for better (or worse), but we currently cannot predict what the situation will be like in August. Therefore we wish to inform you now, so that you are aware of the fact that the format of HOP 2021 might change.

Yours sincerely,

The HOPweek Board
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