Lotto Bands 2018
Lotto Bands 2018

Key dates:
Kickoff: Saturday, 1/13/18, 1-3pm at Seattle Central College, 1701 Broadway, first floor atrium
Showcase: Saturday, 2/17/18, 6pm at Skylark Cafe, 3803 Delridge Way SW

What is Lotto Bands?
Lotto Bands is brought to you by the LRC HYPE Committee, a group of LRC alum and volunteers who are dedicated to increasing engagement, participation, and fierceness in our community.
Lotto Bands is an opportunity to try something new! It puts you in a band with 3 other musicians of varying experience levels and gives you the opportunity to fiercely create as a band. Band members will establish their own practice schedule and each band will be formed with at least one available practice space. (If you have a space available, please denote so on this form.) Bands will create at least one original song and play a set at the showcase up to 15 minutes.

Who should sign up to participate?
Women and gender-diverse people age 18+ who are ready to play in a band setting. If you have done LRC at least once, you are ready!
For some, Lotto Band is that next step after participating in LRC to try out a (short term) more formal band setting. For others, it’s a way to shake things up with a new band or try an instrument they are less familiar with. For everyone, it’s a way to participate in RCRC community, get to know new friends, and practice getting FIERCE through playing music together.

Is this a fundraiser?
Yes! There is no cost to sign up, but bands will be raising funds as they practice.

What is expected of participants?
Participants are expected to
Attend the kick-off meeting at Seattle Central College on Saturday 1/13, 1-3pm
Create and adhere to band norms
Attend band practices agreed on by band members at the kickoff meeting
Fundraising for your band between kickoff meeting and showcase
Perform at the showcase at Skylark Cafe on Saturday 2/17, 6pm

What is expected of each band?
Write and perform at least one original song
Play a set up to 15 minutes (optional additional originals or covers beyond first original song)
Use backline (drum kit and amps) provided for the showcase

How often should I practice?
While there is not an official requirement for band or individual practice amounts or times, consider your individual needs and the needs of your band as you establish your practice schedule. Allow time to develop personally and give your band the time need to express yourselves, grow and develop. Bands will probably practice between 1-3 times/week for 1-3 hours and personal practice time will probably be around 1-7 hours/week.

Do I get to choose my instrument?
Yes! Sign up for either guitar, bass, vocals or drum, or any combination of those, if you are open to more than one.

Do I have to have my own gear?
No. Gear can be borrowed from RCRC. If you need to borrow equipment, arrange to do so by emailing Natalie

Where do we practice?
Participants who have access to practice space can opt to serve as a host for their band. Hosts provide a minimum of space, drum kit and PA. (This equipment can be borrowed from camp, see above.)

Is there anyone who can help me/my band?
Yes. Coaches will be available to help bands who are in need of assistance/direction/advice. Arrange to have a band coach come to a practice when needed. While there will be coaches available with expertise in each of the instruments, instrument instruction is not part of this event.

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Please indicate what instrument(s) you want to play for Lotto Bands. Select at least one, but as many as you'd like. (*You will be assigned to one for the purposes of creating bands, but can discuss further with your band after assignment. **Having your own gear is not required, but if you need to borrow gear, arrange to do so by contacting Natalie ***Please remember that while there will be coaches available upon request with expertise in each of the instruments, instrument instruction is not part of this event.) *
Are you able to host your band? Each band will have a host practice space where their band practice will take place. (*In order to host, all you need is the space for instruments to be set up. Drum kit and PA can be borrowed as needed, see borrowing info above.) *
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