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TMS 2020 Summer Workshop Registration

We are the only summer program of it's kind. Our motto is, we inspire and mentor young innovators. While many programs aim to mentor youth, most fail at inspiring them. This project started off with an inspiration and a passion to create something different. When our students participate in building hands-on projects we encourage them to embrace their differences. We don't want to see cookie cutter projects, we want them to tweak it and make it their own. This simple act allows them to think outside of the box. To see that they do not have to be like everyone else and that the same idea can be reached in many different ways.

Most importantly when we conduct our projects, whether it be creating an invention or coding, we always explore the why and the how. Many other programs just tell students, for example, to make a drawing art bot, but neglect to tell them why they are making it. What is the purpose? Who can it benefit and why do we use certain components? Can we use other tools to make it better? These are the questions that we ask and that is why each student leaves with more skills under their belt and a better understanding of what they did. This act inspires curiosity and encourages them to want to learn more.

Each project we create is well thought out and we ourselves are extremely excited to share these projects. It's almost like we are a kid in a candy store and the students can sense our excitement for each project.

- Take home hands-on STEAM projects
- Weekly trips
- Weekly swimming lessons and recreational swimming
- Daily team building activities
- Sports activities
- Coding and intro to robotics
- Free program t-shirt
- Free bag (subject to availability)

TMS will host a field day one day during the last week of the summer program. Field day will be for all enrolled children and youth. On this day we will have a BBQ and activities. In addition, we will host another family BBQ day on a weekend when most families are available. Meals for these two events will also be covered. Additional details will be provided sometime in August.

At this time we are continuing to work on the schedule and will provide a more detailed calendar of events shortly. The schedule will include hands-on STEAM projects, weekly swim lesson, recreational swimming, weekly visits to the park (weather permitted), weekly trips, sports activities, we will also have special yoga sessions. More activities will be shared as soon as we finalize some details. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Age: 5- 11 years old. (Request for 4 years old must be evaluated by Program Director for approval)


Session 1: Monday June 22 - Friday July 17, 2020
Rate: $1380.00 per child for 4 weeks

Session 2: Monday July 20 - August 14, 2020
Rate: $1380.00 per child for 4 weeks

Hours: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, Monday - Friday
After care: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm at an additional $10 per child, per day
Must be between the ages of 12-15 years old. Limited seats available for this program.

Session 1: Monday June 22 - Friday July 17, 2020
Rate: $680 per child for 4 weeks

Session 2: Monday July 20 - Friday August 14, 2020
Rate: $680 per child for 4 weeks

8:30 am - 3:30 pm, Monday - Friday
After care: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm at an additional $5 JYM, per day

Youth who participate in this program have an opportunity to:
- Attend trips at no additional cost
- Participate in all activities
- Receives a free program t-shirt
- Will have an opportunity to take home SOME projects.
- Junior Youth Mentors will receive training.
- Youth will shadow our youth mentors and Program Director and receive hands-on experience dealing with youth children.
- Participates in weekly swimming lessons and recreational swimming.
- Receive lessons in coding and intro to robotics.
- Will gain experience as a Youth Mentor and have an opportunity to be considered for future employment as a youth mentor with TMS. Participation in this program does not guarantee employment.
- JYM (Junior Youth Mentors) receive weekly evaluations.
- Must attend an orientation meeting. Information will be provided on what to expect as a Junior Youth Mentor.

5% will be applied to each sibling. Please pay the registration fee and an invoice will be sent minus the sibling discount. You will have the option of paying installments or one flat fee. Additional after care fees do not qualify for the additional discount. The rate is $10 per day, per child.

There will be onsite daycare for 2 1/2 - 4 year olds during TMS summer program. Daycare will not be handled by TMS and has it's own rates. If you are interested in Daycare, please indicate this on the application and we will forward your request.
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Ice breakers are a great tool to help children find similar interests
To ensure that your child has a great experience with TMS this summer, we ask that the following guidelines are met.

Although many of team members are CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer and First Aid certificated by Red Cross CPR Certified, we are only permitted to provide basic first aid.

- Refillable water bottle. We will supply cold water.
- Sunscreen
- Swim suit and towel. Children may bring goggles but they are not required.
(All children should arrive with their bathing suits under their clothes only on Thursdays)
- All children MUST WEAR CLOSED-TOE SHOES. Crocs flip flops and sandals are not permitted.
- Please do not send your child with any personal items.
- We will NOT provide any meals, please ensure your child brings a bagged lunch and a snack. No nuts or glass containers.
- Children must arrive each day with their program shirt.
- Children should not bring any toys or electronic devices. Only Junior Youth Mentors are allowed to have their phones but should refrain from using them during the program.

Ensure your child's items are labeled with their name. Thinkers & Makers STEAM is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Safety and well-being of our registered students are priority. To ensure we protect our students we have established policies and procedures. Thinkers & Makers STEAM reserves the right to deny service to any individual who is not in compliance with our policy. In the event your child is removed, a refund will be given less penalty, administration fees and deductions for days consumed.

Enrolled students must be respectful, kind and refrain from bullying, hitting, calling names or threatening anyone.

I understand that I am not to leave my child at the program site unless a TMS staff or volunteer is there to receive and supervise my child. My child may not be dropped off at the door.

Please inform us if you child has any allergies. Unfortunately, we do not administer any medications. In the event of an emergency we will contact 911.

I understand that my child will not be allowed leave the program with an unauthorized person. Any person authorized to pick up my child, including relatives, must be listed on the registration form. Any other alternative pick ups must be in writing.
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