Durham University Orchestral Society - ORCHESTRAL AUDITION
Thank you very much for your interest in auditioning to be a part of our society in the academic year 2020/21. Owing to the current circumstances, this year's audition process will take place online; please fill out this form in its entirety to complete your application!

Please note that the deadline to complete your application is 23:59 on Sunday 4th October 2020.
Full Name *
Mobile phone number (for track-and-trace) *
Email address (for track-and-trace) *
Durham University college (eg. University College; John Snow; St. Mary's; etc.) *
Instrument *
Are you able to play an auxiliary instrument, and if so, to what standard? Eg. if you play the flute and also the piccolo; if you play the oboe and also the cor anglais. Please note that if you are interested in auditioning on two separate and un-related instruments (eg. cello and trombone; violin and trumpet), then you should complete a separate application for each instrument. *
In this space, please include links to your video self-tape(s), in which you should perform your chosen unaccompanied piece (lasting up to 5-minutes) and the orchestral excerpts - these can be found on our website and social media channels. Our preference is that you include links to unlisted (private) YouTube videos. You may either submit one long video of yourself performing both your piece and the excerpt(s), or two shorter videos; whichever is more convenient for you! *
Which orchestra would you like to be considered for? If you would like to be considered for both Chamber and Symphony, please check both boxes. *
Please tell us about your prior orchestral experience. *
Why are you interested in auditioning for DUOS? *
Do you have any questions for the panellists or members of the Executive Committee? If so, please submit them here or alternatively email Emma at orchestral.society@durham.ac.uk - we aim to get back to you as soon as possible!
In providing my name, email address, mobile number and instrument, I consent to receiving emails from Durham University Orchestral Society, informing me of rehearsals, concerts, and other important society information if I am successful in my audition. I understand that my data will be stored in a safe, password protected space and I can remove my consent at any time if I wish. I understand that to remove my consent I must email the society at orchestral.society@durham.ac.uk I understand that my data will be stored for one year from the time of signing up unless I remove my consent. *
If successful in my audition, I consent to any pictures, videos and/or recordings in which I may appear to be used in Durham University Orchestral Society's marketing.
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