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This form allows colleges and universities to update information found on Go See Campus ( Contact info (at) goseecampus (dot) com with questions.

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Step 1: Validation
Are you an official school representative? *
Please provide your school email address. You can complete the rest of this form, but Go See Campus will verify your address before making changes to the college's profile.
Step 2: Is the college "Active" or "In Development"?
If your college is "Active", the image that appears for your profile will be of the campus, the city, or a scene of college life. For these universities, we offer profile information and links directly to admissions resources and activities.

Colleges that are "In Development" display a standard Go See Campus logo and are marked with the label "In Development". These colleges show profile information only, as Go See Campus has not yet added links to admissions resources and activities.

If your college is "Active", you may request a change or update to information by completing any part of this form.

If your college is "In Development" and you are interested in moving the school more quickly to "Active" status, please provide a school image as described below. You do not need to complete any of the profile or activity information (Go See Campus will provide this.)
Step 3: School Image
If you would like to replace the image used for your school, please email it to info (at) goseecampus (dot) com and follow these guidelines:

- Images should be in JPEG form and should be sized at 300 width by 200 height in pixels.

- Wide shots of campus life are best. We cannot accept images in which specific people are identifiable.

- By sending your image, you agree to the following: "You grant Go See Campus a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and transferable right to use, modify, and adapt the image. Go See Campus may publicly display the image in any media without attributing its source."

Colleges that are "In Development" must complete this step to move to "Active" status.
Step 4: Profile Data Fall 2013
You do not need to complete the below for your college to be part of Go See Campus. Our website uses information about your school from the federal government's IPEDS system ( Data from IPEDS becomes available each fall.

However, if you would like to have your Fall 2013 data appear before Fall 2014, please provide the below. Be sure to complete each field in Step 4.
Total Students at University
Male Students at University
Female Students at University
Total Undergraduate Students
Male Undergraduate Students
Female Undergraduate Students
Total Freshman Students
Male Freshman Students
Female Freshman Students
Total Applicants
Total Admitted
Total Enrolled
Admittance Percentage
Highest Degree Offered
Accepts AP Credits?
Undergraduate Programs Offered
Please enter the undergraduate programs offered by the university as they appear in the NCES list, available at
Number of First-time Students Submitting SAT Scores
Percentage of First-time Students Submitting SAT Scores
Number of First-time Students Submitting ACT Scores
Percentage of First-time Students Submitting ACT Scores
SAT Critical Reading 25th Percentile Score
SAT Critical Reading 75th Percentile Score
SAT Math 25th Percentile Score
SAT Math 75th Percentile Score
SAT Writing 25th Percentile Score
SAT Writing 75th Percentile Score
ACT Composite 25th Percentile Score
ACT Composite 75th Percentile Score
ACT English 25th Percentile Score
ACT English 75th Percentile Score
ACT Math 25th Percentile Score
ACT Math 75th Percentile Score
ACT Writing 25th Percentile Score
ACT Writing 75th Percentile Score
Step 5: Activity Data
You do not need to provide information here for your college to be part of Go See Campus. We research links for all "Active" colleges to activities such as campus tours and overnight visits. However, we do encourage colleges to suggest new links and activities that are not already in our website.

You can see what activities we have included for your school by doing the following:

1. Create an account at Go See Campus (

2. Choose "Create a New College Trip".

3. Add your school to the college trip.

4. In the trip you have just created, choose "Add a New Activity" under your school. You will be able to see all of the activities.

If you would like to add or update an activity:

- Provide the link on your university website where students can learn about the activity.

- Links should be as specific as possible (if you have a webpage that discusses information sessions, link to that webpage for the Information Sessions activity. Do not link to your general admissions webpage.)
Admissions Webpage
Academic Calendar Webpage
Athletics Calendar Webpage
Events Calendar Webpage
Campus Life / Student Affairs Webpage
Campus Tours Webpage
Information Sessions Webpage
Admissions Interviews Webpage
Residence Hall Tours Webpage
Self-guided Tours Webpage
Dine on Campus Webpage
Attend Classes Webpage
Connect with Students Webpage
Talk with Professors Webpage
Meet with Coaches Webpage
Overnight Admissions Program  Webpage
Open House / Special Events Webpage
Campus Map Webpage (direct link to PDF preferred)
Transportation / Directions Webpage
Separate Parking Directions Webpage
Admissions Staff Contacts Webpage
Do you have other instructions for Go See Campus?
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