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This form is for submission of your class or course for consideration to be featured for HERstory Connections. The Classes and Courses (both in person and online) exclusively features those created by Women in Business, Creatives, and Literary with priority preference and promotion given to HERstory Connections Members. Promotions can include but not limited to HERstory Connections members, our network, social media accounts for HERstory Connections and Just Fearless, blog posts, etc.

We define class as a 1 time or series of events in a multitude of subjects such as dance class, cooking class, art class, etc. Typically these are done in person, but can be online as well.

We define course as an education series in a multitude of subjects that may include webinars, or teleconferences, workbooks, and more on topics such as marketing courses, writing courses, editing courses, etc. Typically these are done online but can be in person as well.

There is no upfront charge for an initial period during the introductory launch. However, if your class or course is selected we expect be an affiliate with referral compensation to be discussed and agreed to in writing. Please make sure every thing is filled out completely. Due to the volume of submissions, we will only contact you if your class or course is selected to be featured.

We also reserve the right to ask for additional information before selections are made and we will ask below to see the entire course just for selection purposes to ensure it is adding value and aligns with our mission and purpose. We are open to all types of classes and courses that help women build successful and profitable businesses, live a healthier life, live their best life, and so much more. We are looking for classes and courses that would be of interest and add value to our members. All decisions on selections are solely ours to make and are final.

Only 1 class or course per submission and only 1 submission per person. The class or course MUST be created and hosted by a Woman or Women. Only the owner/creator of the class or course can submit their class or course. If your class or course is selected, we will then request the image and copy to use from you. Thank you in advance for your submission to HERstory Connections. For more information please visit, www.herstoryconnections.com or www.justfearlesswomen.com

Due to the volume of submissions received, you will only receive a response if your course or class is selected.

****We also have to add this piece for clarity. Our process is not immediate for selecting classes and courses. As you can imagine we have a ton of submissions internationally. Our process is to review every single submission fairly, review each class or course, and the creators/owners information. That takes time. So no one will receive an immediate response and not everyone will be selected.

In addition to our regular duties for our HERstory Members, our Angel Fund exclusively for Female Founders, and corporate duties in supporting and providing global business development for primarily women owned SME's internationally, we have added this initiative because of a deep desire to support women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs generate a minimum of $1,000,000 in annual revenue by December 31, 2025.

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