2019-20 LCAP Student Survey
LCAP GOAL 4: Improve communication among all stakeholders.
The following survey responses help drive decisions that are made on campus. Thank you for your honesty and commitment to Central Union High School.
What grade are you in? ¿En que grado estás?
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1. Have you ever attended after school tutoring?¿Alguna vez ha asistido a tutoria después de la escuela?
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2. Why or why not? ¿Por qué o por qué no?
3. How can teachers support students with their grades? What do you feel is missing? ¿Cómo pueden los maestros apoyar a los estudiantes con sus calificaciones?
4. Do you know what common core standards are and why they are important? ¿Sabe cuáles son los estándares básicos comunes y por qué son importantes?
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5. What do you feel would make your parents more involved with your education, attend meetings, contact your teachers etc.? ¿Qué crees que haría que tus padres se involucraran más en tu educación: asistir a reuniones, contactaran a tus maestros, etc.?
6. How can we improve courses? What classes do you want offered at CUHS? ¿Cómo podemos mejorar los cursos? ¿Qué clases quieres que se ofrezcan en CUHS?
7. Do you feel safe at CUHS? ¿Te sientes seguro en Central Union High School?
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8. Evaluate the following programs to the best of your knowledge:
Not Effective
Somewhat Effective
Very Effective
Not Familiar with the program
Advanced Placement Courses (AP)
After School Clubs
Associated Student Body (ASB)
Career Technical Education (CTE)
Counseling Services
Credit Recovery
Design, Visual & Medial Arts Pathway
Dual Enrollment
English Learner
Financial Services Pathway
Get Focused Stay Focused
Information Support and Services Pathway
Legal Law Academy
Link Crew
Migrant Services
Public Safety Pathway
Residential and Commercial Construction Pathway
Special Education
9. What prevents students from achieving success in education? ¿Qué impide que los estudiantes logren éxito en la educación?
10. What are your two recommendations for improvement? ¿Cuáles son sus dos recomendaciones para mejorar?
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