MCCL Ramadan 1442/2021 Taraweeh Prayers One Time Registration
This form is for all those who want to attend Taraweeh prayers at MCCL or the Clarion Hotel in Ramadan 1442/2021.

We ask that you follow all the guidelines when attending the prayers:
- You must wear a mask.
- You must not be sick.
- You must bring your own prayer rug.
- You must come with wudu.
- You must keep social distance.
- First come, first serve. If the masjid or hotel is full to capacity we will not be able to let you anyone else come in.

You only need to register once for Taraweeh.

JazakAllah khair.
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Ramadan and Taraweeh Information
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Phone *
Which location will you pray Taraweeh? *
Will you follow all the guidelines listed above? Will you bring a mask, a prayer rug, have wudu and follow all instructions from volunteers? MCCL, its board, and volunteers and the Clarion Hotel are not responsible if you get sick. You are coming at your own risk. You understand the risks of COVID-19. Do you agree? *
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