The mission of the grant program of the Morris Area Public School Foundation (The Foundation) is to enhance and sustain the quality of education for citizens of all ages participating in programs of the Morris Area Public School District 2769.
The grant program will assist in the funding of selected activities in the Morris Area Public School system. Requests for scholarships should be made through the scholarship program of the Morris Area High School Scholarship Fund.
The Foundation operates under the umbrella of the West Central Initiative. It receives donations from individuals, families, businesses, units of government and charitable organizations. These funds are invested and managed by the West Central Initiative, and a portion of the investments are made available each year through this grant application process to respond to community needs and aspirations.

Eligible Organizations:
The proposal must be submitted by an employee of Morris Area Public School District #2769.
Eligibility Restrictions:
The policies of WCI prohibit making grants directly to individuals. In addition, there are a number of activities that are generally excluded from consideration due to WCI’s policies or legal constraints. These include:
- Lobbying or Political Activities
- Projects Related to Religion or Spiritual Development
- Funding of Past Operating Deficits
- Funding of Capital Debt Retirement
- Funding for Endowment Purposes
The Foundation’s Advisory Committee may also have established specific policies or precedents that could apply in determining eligibility of any particular project.

Length of Funding Commitments:
The Foundation will generally make commitments for funding projects for no more than a single year at a time. Programs generally will be limited to receiving funding once per year.

Minimum/Maximum Grant Size: No minimum or maximum restrictions are in place at this time. The Foundation reserves the right to establish grant size restrictions at any time in the future.

Application Deadlines: Foundation Board meetings are typically held the third Thursday of every month throughout the year (except August and December when we do not meet). Applications must be complete at least two days before the Foundation Meeting so there is time for it to be reviewed by an administrator of the school prior to the foundation meeting.

Applicants can complete online and it will be sent directly to the foundation president and the school's administrators for review.

Please direct questions to Jenessa Solvie at
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