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New Case Discount on Havarti and Highland-- purchase in quantities of 6 and save!

Sorry about the shortage of ground beef, but we are on a waiting list for a slaughter date so hopefully it'll be back soon!
In the meantime, please check out our summer grilling steaks!


All of our farmstead cheese and yogurts are made from our herd of 100% Grass-fed Jersey & Shorthorn Cows. We follow organic herd health, rotational grazing practices, and entirely non-GMO feed and ingredients, but we are not certified organic. We are certified Animal Welfare Approved (


There is a $40 order minimum if you would like to receive wholesale pricing and delivery.
This form is updated and sent out every Monday morning.  Please fill it out by Monday evening for delivery or pick-up that week (or the following week, if you are located in an area that we only get to every other week).


Please add comments/questions in the field at the bottom, or contact us:
Ashlee's cell: (518) 645-2697

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Cheese, Retail Size (Resale Ready)
Cut and packaged, ready for resale, weight stamped on each piece (prices not marked).
Camembert - .4-.5# Wheel (*LIMITED THIS WEEK*)
$10.20/wheel (like Brie, with a velvety bloomy rind) Indicate number of wheels.
Cheeseville, Plain - .5# Tub (*CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*)
$5.20/tub (spreadable Fromage Blanc) Indicate number of tubs (our Retail $6.50)
Cheeseville, Dilly Topper - .5# Tub  (*CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*)
$6.00/tub (spreadable herb Fromage Blanc with pickled garlic scape and dill) Indicate number of tubs (our Retail $7.50)
$15.75/# (Mild, with organic peppers)  Indicate number of pieces desired   (Our Retail price $21/#)
$14.40/# Indicate number of pieces desired   (Our Retail price $18/#)
Dill Havarti - RETAIL SIZE PIECES  ~.3-.6#
$15.75/# (Fresh, organic dill) Indicate number of pieces desired; our Retail price $21/#
Havarti - RETAIL SIZE PIECES   ~.3-.6#  
$15.20/# Indicate number of pieces desired; Case Discount $14.82#: purchase in quantities of 6; our retail price $19/#
Highland - RETAIL SIZE PIECES  ~.3-.6#
$15.75/# Indicate number of pieces desired; Case Discount $15.60#: purchase in quantities of 6; our retail price $19/#
Cheeses, Bulk Sized
This cheese is not cut and packaged into retail-ready pieces. Popular for chefs, schools, hospitals, etc!
Cheeseville, Plain - BULK CONTAINER - 32 oz.  
$10/#, $20/qt (fresh, spreadable, fromage blanc)
Farmer's Cheese - FULL WHEEL - 10 to 13#
$12.60/# (tastes like fresh curd, in a wheel)
Feta - BULK SLABS - 3 to 4 lbs. / slab
$12.60/#    Indicate number of "slabs" desired
Havarti - HALF WHEEL - 5 to 7 #
$13.30/# (Aged 6+ weeks)  Indicate number of half wheels desired  
Havarti - FULL WHEEL - 10 to 14 #
$13.30/# (Aged 6+ weeks) Indicate number of wheels desired  
Highland - HALF WHEEL - 5 to 7 #
$14.00/# (Aged 8+ weeks) Indicate number of half wheels desired  
Highland - FULL WHEEL - 10 to 14 #
$14.00# (Aged 8+ weeks)  Indicate number of wheels desired  
YOGURT: 6 QUARTS PER CASE (or 3 QTS per .5 case)
We've replaced the "Mixed Case" option with the option to order half cases. We prefer to pack full cases of 6 quarts, but we will accommodate orders in multiples of 3. Please write ".5" to receive a half case of any flavor. For example,  1.5 cases of maple = 9 quarts of maple.
Yogurt, Plain - CASE - 6 x 32 oz.  
$25.50  ($4.25/qt)
Yogurt, Maple - CASE - 6 x 32 oz.
$30.00   ($5.00/qt)
Yogurt, Vanilla - CASE - 6 x 32 oz.
$35.10  ($5.85/qt) 
Yogurt, Lemon - CASE - 6 x 32 oz. 
$30.00   ($5.00/qt)
Yogurt, Coffee - CASE - 6 x 32 oz. (*CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*)
$30.00   ($5.00/qt)  NOTE: We will be phasing out this flavor for quart-size over the next year. We will be able to do custom 1-gallon or 5-gallon coffee yogurts upon request.
Yogurt by the Gallon --  ADVANCED NOTICE!
We can still do 1- and 5-gallon containers of maple, vanilla, lemon, or coffee with one-week notice, please submit the week ahead of your desired delivery and write which flavors in the comments.

Prices for 5-gallon pails include a $6 fee ($4/pail, $2/lid) which is refunded when pails and lids are returned. Please keep tracking tags on pails to receive the pail credit.
Yogurt, Plain - 1 Gallon (*usually in stock, but advance notice is helpful for 2 or more*)
Yogurt, Plain - 5 Gallon (*1 WEEK NOTICE*)
Yogurt, Maple - 5 Gallon (*1 WEEK NOTICE*)
100% grassfed; USDA slaughtered
Beef, ground (*OUT OF STOCK*)
$7.00/#  (~1# packages)
Beef, Ribeye Steak
$16.50/#  (~.6-1# packages)
Beef, Sirloin Roast
$7.65 (~3-6# packages)
Beef, NY strip steak
$16.15/#  (.5-1# packages)
Beef, Top Round Roast
$7.65/#  (3-6# packages)
Veal, Ribeye Steak
$13.60/#  (~.4-1# packages)
Veal, T-bone/Porterhouse Steak
$13.60/#  (~.6-1# packages)
Delivery Notes
Please let us know if there any special instructions for delivering to your location! Delivery hours, best entrance/parking location, etc.
Comments, Questions, Suggestions
Please list acceptable substitutions if ordering something that's in limited supply. (i.e. "I see you are low on plain yog.  I will take lemon instead.") Requesting cheese on special? Looking for other cuts of grassfed beef?  Retailer requesting smaller sizes of cut and wrapped cheese? Let us know!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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