Project Management Webinar Series by Prof. Bonaventura Hadikusumo
Project Management Webinar Series by Prof. Bonaventura Hadikusumo

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Topic: Advanced Construction Management - The Complexity Of Megaprojects
Speaker: Prof. Christian Brockmann, University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany
Date: Saturday 31 October - at 3 PM
Megaprojects demand a unique approach to construction project management, not only from the owner but also from the contractor. This seminar focuses on the tasks of the contractor implementing a megaproject and will provide concepts and tools for achieving impeccable implementation.

It concentrates on the structure, mechanics, and dynamics of megaprojects and the management activities required. As megaprojects are singular, each one requires a distinct approach, and learning to develop an appropriate one is of utmost importance. Besides singularity, a very high complexity defines megaprojects and this influence will be given special attention.
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