Fellowship Application
*** FIRST.... Please make sure you have read through our different fellowship position descriptions and responsibilities. Please review THIS DOCUMENT if you have not yet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BtldORXdcp1UUjTeMA576iaq3B9cITIr/view?usp=sharing

- If offered a fellowship position, it is our expectation that you perform both inexplicit and explicit responsibilities outlined in your Fellowship Agreement Form.
- Must consistently attend weekly team meeting (details yet TBD)
- Must communicate clearly, proactively when possible, and model exceptional behavior.
- Must provide us 1 week in advance if you cannot meet the commitments outlined above.
- If offered role, fellow MUST pass a background check and review/sign our fellowship agreement form.
- We value and respect that fellows have the resources and ability to transform any idea into reality. We ask that fellows help us to protect and elevate our youth and their ideas. Fellows agree that any business idea(s) developed by youth in the program will be fostered, protected, and not used under any circumstances without first obtaining written permission.
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Which fellowship(s) are you applying for? (PLEASE LIMIT your responses to 2 fellowships!) *If you have not yet read the descriptions and responsibilities for each fellowship position, please do so now! *
What skills and/or experiences make you the best candidate for the role(s) you are applying for? *
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Weekly Team Meetings (mandatory) - Please indicate if you can meet during any of the following block(s) of time, *REGARDLESS of whether you can meet for part or all of time block
9am - 12pm
12:30pm - 3:30pm
3:30pm - 6:30pm
Would you like to apply for any additional positions? If so, which ones? [Please refer back to our volunteer webpage for position descriptions]
If you were an animal (fictitious or not), what would you be and why? *
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