V2: 2018 Team Leader Application
June 7: Early application rate: 7000 NT
June 28: Application cut-off: 8000 NT

In order to receive the early application discount, all application forms and references must be submitted, but please wait on paying until you have been accepted as V2.

I. Personal Information
Chinese Name *
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English Name *
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National Identification Card 身分證字號 *
For non-Taiwanese, please fill in your passport number.
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Gender *
Date of Birth *
Address *
street, city, state, zip code, country (please use Chinese if you live in Taiwan)
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Phone (mobile)
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Phone (home)
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Email *
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Please include specifics about the allergy as well as the reaction.
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Health History
Please inform us of any medical abnormalities (injuries, diseases, conditions, or disorders) that you have experienced within the past 12 months.
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Taipei Housing *
During our training in Taipei, we will not be providing housing. Let us know if you need us to help you find a friend to stay with in Taipei. If you live in Taipei, please let us know if you would be willing to let another V2 stay with you July 4-6.
Three little known facts about yourself *
This will be used in an icebreaker game at VOICE; please start each fact with "I..." (Ex: I can paint with my toes.)
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II. Your Thoughts
An important part of growth is sharing what we have learned with others. This doesn't mean you have to be perfect; in fact, if you think you are perfect, that is in itself dangerous, because it is in our imperfection that we most clearly see our need for the gospel. Take your time think through these questions, and begin to prepare for what you can share with your team at VOICE.

If it is difficult for you to answer every question in English, you may answer in Chinese instead, but please pick at least one question to answer completely in English.

Your motivations *
Why do you want to participate in V2 and what do you hope to learn from this experience?
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The Gospel *
How would you share the core truths of the Gospel to an unbeliever?
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Your mentor *
Who is one mentor that has helped you to grow? Describe their relationship with you, and what they did that influenced you the most. What can you do to pass on what you have learned from them to other people?
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Strengths and Weaknesses *
What do you think are you three greatest strengths and weaknesses as a leader?
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Interests and Experiences *
List your interest/experience in the following areas: • Praise and Worship • Bible Study / Theology • HTML / Website / Blogging • Photography • Audio-Visual / PowerPoint • Teaching English • Sports / Exercise • Food / Cooking
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Fruit of the Spirit *
The topic of Bible Class this year will be the fruit of the spirit. Which part of the fruit of the fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) has God been teaching you about the most in this past year?
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III. Your References
Please submit two references—one from a VOICE staff person (past or present) and one from a current mentor. (If you have never attended VOICE, please contact Timothy Chen at the IBLP Taiwan Office to decide on an alternative reference. You may either download the reference form for them to fill out by hand or share the link to the online form (ENGLISH: http://thevoiceconference.org/attend/v2/v2-reference/ or CHINESE: http://thevoiceconference.org/zh-hant/v2-reference/). If you want to qualify for the early registration deadline, make sure to inform your reference that they need to complete the form by June 7; otherwise, it MUST be completed by June 28.
Reference #1: Name *
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#1: Relationship to you *
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#1: Email Address *
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Reference #2: Name *
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#2: Relationship to you *
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#2: Email Address *
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IV: Your Photo
Please submit a recent photo, around 1600 pixels in size. You may email it to thevoiceconference@gmail.com.
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