One of a Kind Breedables Auction- Christmas Expo 2018

The One of a Kind Breedables Auction for American Cancer Society starts at 10 am on Saturday, December 9th.

In order to assure the best experience for everyone during the One of a Kind Breedables Auction at the Christmas Expo for the American Cancer Society, we have decided to take a list of who plans to attend the the auction, and divide you up into groups.
When you sign up, Rowena Dubrovna will send you an IM along with a notecard containing your auction day location. On December 9th, please go to the specified location for the auction. When you are there, there will be a host who will take your bids. That host will then be in IMs with the main Host, who will directly communicate with the Auctioneer. You will be able to see the breedables via pictures and know which one is coming up for auction. A location host will be there to take your bids and pass them to the main host who, in turn, will send them to the auctioneer. This helps keep the IM's down to a minimum for the auctioneer and he is able to track bids much easier. You can anticipate a 20 - 30 second delay for the bids to ensure all have been received. When the bidding is over for a certain Breedable and you have won, Rowena Dubrovna will IM you with a landmark and you will go and pay the kiosk. Once the kiosk is paid, the creator of the Breedable will be asked to pass it to you.
You will have to listen to the stream to hear the bidding. If you are not able to hear or understand the stream for ANY reason, we will provide a captioned version of the bidding for you at your auction location so you can participate as much as anyone else.
We are implementing the proxy bidding to ensure everyone who wants to is able to attend and participate.

The last silent bid will be the first live auction bid.

If you want to come to the live auction and did not fill out this form, do not fret. On the day of the auction we will have places for you to go to.

If you are unable to attend and would like to have a proxy bid in place, we would be happy to take it for you. By signing this form with your proxy bid (you will enter the amount that is your maximum bid) you are committing to donating that amount to a Christmas Expo kiosk within 24 hours of the One of a Kind Breedables Auction.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Rowena Dubrovna in world.
What is your Second Life legacy name?
Check "yes" here if you are wanting to attend to the Breedables Auction and would like to bid. If you are wanting to just watch, a stream URL will be given that day for you to listen into.
Will you need captions provided to you during the bidding?
Clear selection
If you are UNABLE to attend the Live Bidding, and would like to commit to paying up to a certain amount on something, please list which breedable you would like to bid on and the maximum amount you will allow it to go to. You may list more than one. 2018 Christmas Expo Breedables FaireOne of a Kind Auction Panel ListPlease see the website for more detailed information Stray Cats- "A Midnight Clear" One of a Kind cat2. Champion Horses- 2018 RFL OOAK Carousel Horse3. Cannabis- Gnome More Cancer Cannabis Weedable OOAK5. Battlebeast- Max Kitsune OOAK6. Battlebeast- The Grinch OOAK 7. Obsidian Chimera- Lyric RFL 2018 OOAK (Bear) 8. Obsidian Chimera - 2018 Wolf OOAK9. Obsidian Chimera- 2018 Cheetah OOAK 10. Teegle - Starry Knight OOAK Horse 11. Teegle- Gingerbread OOAK Horse12. Buildables- CringleDome OOAK 13. Buildables- Chip Christmas Elf OOAK 14. Buildables- Robot Pig OOAK 15. EVO- Gift of Hope fairy OOAK 16. EVO- Hammies Christmas Hope OOAK 17. EVO- Yukas Mammoth OOAK 18. Elite Equestrian- Max OOAK19. Elite Equestrian- Atlas OOAK 20. Elite Equestrian- Dream of Gold OOAK21. Elite Equestrian- Sugar Plum OOAK 22. Elite Equestrian- Juniper OOAK23. Elite Equestrian- Holly OOAK24. KittyCatS- Rainy DayDream 118 inch KittyCat OOAK25. Obsidian Chimera- Fox OOAK 26. KittyCatS HollyBells 787.4 inch KittyCat OOAK
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