MUDS Semester 1 Internal Competition
Our main internal competition for Semester 1 starts this week! You're welcome to form your own team of 3-5 people, or sign up as an individual and we'll allocate you a team (NB we recommend having 4 or 5 people in case someone can't make it some weeks). Also, your team will be required to sit out one round of the competition in order to adjudicate.

***If you are signing up as a team, only one of you needs to fill out this form. *** Also, we strongly recommend that Easters teams debate together (in order to get some extra practice in before the tournament).

The plan for the rest of semester is:

Week 5: Round 1
Week 6: Round 2
Week 7: Round 3
Mid-Semester break: No rounds
Week 8: ANZAC Day (we'll run debates on Thursday this week for anyone interested, but not as part of the internal competition)
Week 9: Round 4
Week 10: Round 5
Week 11: Semi-Finals
Week 12: Grand Final

If you have any questions feel free to email

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