Discover if Fertility Freedom is right for you.
Choosing a new practitioner or a different approach to take for your fertility can be scary and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be.

This preliminary questionnaire will help us to know if I believe I can help you reach your fertility goals.

The next step will be to book a 30-min. Discovery Call. In this call I will ask you clarifying questions, answer your questions, and go over options for support.

If I don't believe I can help you, I will dig into my resource box and do my best to point you in the next best direction.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.
I look forward to hearing your story!
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How did you hear about me (Haley) and Fertility Freedom? If you were referred, please enter their name.
Where are you currently at on your fertility journey? For example, how long have you been trying to conceive or when do you anticipate intentionally beginning to try? *

I'm a nutritionist (MScN) and certified fertility awareness practitioner (FAMM). I specialize in helping women find their missing answers to infertility and supporting conditions that range from PCOS, irregular cycles, luteal phase defect, poor follicular development, and post birth control syndrome.

I do not specialize in helping women with active eating disorders, amenorrhea, endometriosis, or adenomyosis. If you suspect this is at the root of your fertility troubles and/or have not been treated for this yet, I am not the best fit for your immediate care.

Do my specialties align with your health concerns?


What are you most interested in getting out of the Fertility Freedom program?

My 1:1 work is a partnership and requires you to participate and commit to changes that will transform your fertility. On a scale of 1-10, how motivated are you to make changes to your diet and lifestyle?
The most motivated

Who, or what, would prevent you from investing in your fertility?


Are you the sole decision maker for making investment decisions about signing up for for this program?

I am considered a specialist and participating in my care recommends that you also have a primary care physician (PCP) on your team. My guidance does not replace the medical advice from your doctor. Do you currently have a PCP?

Tell Me Your Story

Hearing your fertility story written out in your own words is helpful for my understanding of your health in the context of your life and knowing if I am the best fit for your care. This will, of course, be an ongoing conversation we will discuss in our time together, but for now please use this space to share a brief reflection of your health and fertility, and/or how you think your background may have impacted your current health. Please include any major life events or crises during childhood, adolescence, or in recent years, and any hunches you have about what's going on with your health + fertility.


What healing modalities, diet/lifestyle changes, programs, practitioners, medications, supplements, etc. have you already tried (or are doing currently) to heal your fertility? If this is the first mode of support you're seeking, that's great, just put N/A.


Why are you interested in working together? What has resonated with you the most?


What aspects of this program make you feel stressed, anxious or fearful? Said differently, are there doubts, concerns or uncertainties about this experience you would like to share? 


Why have you decided to seek this out now? What has caused you to be "ready" to apply and take action at this time? 


What are your current trusted sources of fertility insights and guidance from? Where do you get recommendations from (podcasts, influencers, books, courses, etc.)?

Is there anything else you'd like to me to know? Any questions?
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