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It starts here! Searching for Irelands next American Football kicker/punter. No prior experience needed.
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For reference of scholarship values per year, see below chart (Source https://scholarshipstats.com/average-per-athlete)
Having viewed the above chart and understood the value of athletic scholarships, please continue reading-

If admitted into the immersive program, which is invite-only, you'll be entering a program with regular kicking/gym/mental/lifestyle training, including guidance on the American education system. At the end of the program/when you've shown the ability to perform to a high level consistently, we will endeavor to source you a scholarship. Once the scholarships is sourced and you've been admitted to the university, we will continue to mentor and support you as you navigate a new world of limitless academic/athletic potential. This comprehensive program requires a financial investment from you but should result in a scholarship for committed/talented athletes. 

Four-year full scholarships to D1 programs can exceed $250,000 of value, which includes tuition, housing, food, and more. With recent changes in the American College system, some athletes can even be paid through endorsements/sponsorships, on top of receiving a scholarship.

Remember, your financial investment in yourself will be a fraction of what you could receive from the scholarship in the form of graduating with a degree/master's, the life-changing experience of studying in America alongside playing college football in massive stadium's across the country, including access to phenomenal sporting resources not available in Ireland, and other opportunities that will stem from playing college football (maybe you progress to NFL after college or at least you'll graduate with a degree and a network for the next stage of life)

This will be a serious commitment that will require steely focus, determination, courage, and patience .For those deemed talented enough, the rewards are life-changing!

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