Bullying Behavior Report for LMHS (Public Use)
This form serves as official documentation of a report of bullying behavior at Lakeview Middle-High School and will automatically be sent to LMHS Principals for review and follow up. If you have not heard from the office within 2 school days after filing this report, please contact Mrs. Laurie Snyder at l_snyder@lakeview.k12.pa.us, Mr. David Blakley at d_blakley@lakeview.k12.pa.us or call 724-376-7911.
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(Those reporting are encouraged to include their name and contact information, but may choose to write simply: student, parent, etc. Please note that all reports will be kept confidential and the names of those reporting will not be shared. However, the ability to contact the reporter will help ensure that the bullying behaviors do not continue, as administration will be able to follow up with the person reporting).
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(Please give a general time frame if exact date is not known. Ex. last week on the a.m. bus ride, over the summer, 2-3 days ago, etc.).
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