Denver Data Communication Community: Interest Survey
Data has become increasingly central to how we understand and communicate about our work. We share data with stakeholders to help them understand the current state of a situation or the need to take action. However, many people who communicate data are not formally trained in understanding and using it. Likewise, many who understand data are not trained in how to communicate about it. We are doing this survey to gauge your interest in a community of practice focused on professional development and peer-to-peer learning about data communication.

PLEASE RESPOND BY DEC. 23, 2016! All responses will remain anonymous. Please email with any questions, or if you would be interested in offering programming or facilitating activities for your peers.

Thanks for your input!

What is your job title or professional role?
Your answer
What sector do you work in?
Which of the following data activities are part of your work? (check all that apply)
How well do you understand statistics and data analysis?
Not at all
Extremely well
How confident are you with presenting data in press releases, reports, presentations, etc?
Not at all
Extremely confident
How confident are you with designing visuals to represent data?
Not at all
Extremely confident
How do communications staff and data staff (analysts, researchers, subject matter experts, etc.) work together in your organization? (check all that apply)
What do you think is the most difficult part of communicating about data?
Your answer
How likely are you to participate in a community of practice focused on data communication?
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
How frequently would you prefer to meet? (check all that apply)
What times would work well for you? (check all that apply)
What type of fee structure would you prefer for this service? (check all that apply)
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