MFGG's New Hub Name
As you probably know, MFGG is expanding to host resources and fan games beyond the Mario franchise. With this change, a new hub name is required to reflect our expanding horizons. The plan is that the new name will serve as our main hub and will branch off into different franchises with their own unique names, with the Mario related resources remaining under the title of MFGG. Here we have compiled a list of what we consider our best recommended names. Please vote on your favorite of the options, and, if you'd like, you may also suggest your own idea at the bottom of the poll.

**NOTE: The name that comes out with the most votes is NOT GUARANTEED to be the final hub name. While the results of this poll will be taken into deep consideration and all participation will be greatly appreciated, the expansion is still in early development and ideas are not yet set in stone. This is simply to get the ball rolling and to hear from the community in a way we can more easily keep track of.**
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