KSWLA 2020 Call for Presentation Proposals
Theme: 2020 Re-Envisioned
2020 KSWLA Conference
Oct 24, 2020

All presentations will be approximately 45 minutes in length with 15 minutes of Questions/Answers afterwards.

Conference Registration Deadline for Presenters - September 30, 2020
All accepted presenters must register for the conference, but receive free registration to the full conference.

We are excited about hosting our conference virtually this year! This is the official call for proposals where we ask YOU to share your thoughts, ideas, lessons, and classroom experiences with your colleagues in the state of Kansas!

We are looking for presentations represented in multiple languages in the following areas:

1. Curriculum & Assessment (ACTFL World-Readiness Standards, Can-Do Statements; Thematic units; Integrated Performance Assessments; Project Based Learning; Problem Challenged Based; AAPPL; OPI; AP)

2. Teaching Strategies (90% Target language use; Comprehensible Input; 3 Modes of communication; strategies; activities; TPRS; other methodologies, lessons)

3. Technology Tools (any tech tools to enrich the world language classroom)

4. Culture, Interculturality & Global Citizenship (Products, Practices, Perspectives; integrating culture into the curriculum; service learning, advocacy)

5. Diversity (programs that focus on special needs, recruiting diverse learners, working with select groups of learners, Heritage Learners)

***For questions for submissions, please contact:
****KSWLA President, Amanda Benavidez-Williams at kswlapresident@gmail.com (816)-405-8028
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