2021 DV Track/Field Roster
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Code of Conduct
Congratulations on your decision to become a member of the Desert Vista Track and Field Team. Participation of athletes means more than competition between two individuals or two teams representing different high schools. It teaches fair play, sportsmanship, understanding, and appreciation of teamwork. It also teaches that quitting means failure while hard work means success. With these goals in mind, this guide is set up for you athletes because the conduct of an athlete is closely observed in many areas of life. Your coaching staff is interested in your success in school, on the field, and in all other respects. Our goals are to help you get what you want.

A board governs all schools. Rules concerning athletic eligibility are set by this board. Currently, their standards say you must achieve a passing grade in each of your classes. In addition, senior athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of four (4) classes and all other athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of five (5) classes. Grade checks will be done periodically by your event coach. Academic success and athletic success go hand in hand. Keep your coach informed if you are having class problems.

1. Athletes will be on time for all practices. Tardiness is an inconvenience and a deterrent to team productivity.
2. All absences and tardiness must be accompanied by a written note or an email from a parent or teacher.
3. Unexcused absences are grounds for dismissal from the team and will affect eligibility for meets.
4. Communication with coaches is important at all times.
5. Long term illness will require a doctor’s signature.
6. Every team member will be expected to be at the practice site.
7. Rehabilitation time in the training room will be done after the daily roll is taken unless communicated to the coach prior.

1. The bus leaves on time…don’t be late
2. You are required to ride district provided transportation to and from all meets.
3. Track and field is a team sport, as well as an individual sport. You are expected to stay and support your team. There should be very few exceptions.
4. A parent signature is required in order for an athlete to leave an away contest with the parent. Athletes are not allowed to drive or leave with other students or parents of other athletes. Please do not ask the coaching staff to compromise district policy.

1. The honor system is in effect regarding training rules. It is assumed that each athlete will conduct him or herself in accordance with the highest traditions of Desert Vista Track and Field.
2. NO tobacco
3. NO alcohol. It is against the law in the state of Arizona for those under the age of 21.
4. NO abusive drugs, (narcotics, marijuana, etc.) We do not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs.
5. Violation of training policy is grounds for suspension and/or dismissal from the team. Follow the rules: DON’T LET YOUR TEAM DOWN.

1. All injuries must be reported to the coach in charge.
2. You must distinguish between pain and injury.
3. If injured, follow the routine prescribed by the coach/trainer in charge and you will be ready to compete sooner.
4. If your injury involves a doctor’s appointment, you may not return to compete until a medical release has been signed signifying this.

1. NO inappropriate social media postings or comments of yourself, teammates, other competitors, coaches or any individual at any time.
2. NO inappropriate electronic communication and/or pictures about yourself, teammates, other competitors, coaches or any individual at any time.
3. Violation of the social media policy is grounds for suspension and/or dismissal from the team. Follow the rules: DON’T LET YOUR TEAM DOWN.

1. At no time will an athlete be in the locker room without a Track & Field Coach.
2. Locker rooms will be open to dress out after school for 15 minutes, and after practice for 5 minutes.
3. At any time an athlete needs to get into the locker room they will contact a coach.
4. Mobile phones are not permitted to be out while in the locker rooms.

LETTERING in DV TRACK and FIELD: An athlete is eligible to receive a letter award by achieving a qualifying standard. (SEE STANDARDS) If an athlete has not met the qualifying standards, they may receive a letter by scoring 10 points in a VARSITY COMPETITION or by placing in the STATE MEET. If an athlete is involved in other outside activities including but not limited to: club sports, working, or any other activity outside Desert Vista Track and Field, and becomes injured or cannot attend scheduled practices and meets due to participation in the outside activity, they will be allowed to participate in track and field, but will NOT be eligible for a letter award. The coaching staff reserves the right to give or take away a letter for any extenuating circumstances.
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