✦ BOC Deposit ✦
Read about BOC here:: https://www.clokies.com/boc .
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✦ Info
Please allow (24/48) hours for a reply; it will not take longer than that, or if it does please contact a mod ASAP. As a note we do not work weekends unless we are backed up. So if you submitted something late Friday you won't get a deposit notice till Monday morning.
We normally check these from 8 AM CST to 12 PM CST MON-FRI. So if you submit late on a day you will normally get a response in the morning CST.
We will PM/DM you a response once the credit has been added to your account.

Art can be 6-7 Days old but no longer than that for it to count. Thank you.
✦ Submission Types + Rewards
Read them here for now:: https://www.clokies.com/boc ( We are going to push out an update and then things will be listed here again if need be.
For written works longer than 1000 words it will take more time for us to go over. We'll let you know how long we assume the delay will be. ( Please expect up to a week delay for 50K submissions. )

Base's / YCH's will have docked points taken from them based on the level of edits needing to be done to the base.
✦ Form
Please list the username on your BOC account. You can view it here:: https://www.clokies.com/balance
*Please use links like DA/Sta.sh/imgur or any file opened in a new tab. Linking your TH doesn't work since sometimes it doesn't lead us to the proper image. Please be mindful!

DO NOT Upload multiple images to a stash and link it , If all images are of a different type.

**Do not MASS upload please only do 2 images MAX a day. Please do not overwhelm our Bank mod.
Username [ *Please use the one on your BOC Balance ] *
How you'd like to be contacted. (DA/FA/Discord, Include UN/Info if it is not your BOC Account UN) *
Type:: *
If art, what type:: *
Was it a gift for someone else? :: *
If a gift who was it for?
was it for a prompt? ( Monthly/ or otherwise. ) * *
If (yes) please give detail about the prompt:: ( What day you are on if it's a month long event , or what prompt you are submitting it for. Please note that bonus's for prompts are a one time thing *unless* the prompt is a month long one.)
Link to the Art/Written work etc... *
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