Premier Wrestling Career Application
Thank you for taking interest in working for Premier Wrestling. Upon acceptance, you will be put into our training program. We look forward to you working with us.
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If you do not have a discord please download discord and create an account. We will then invite you to our server to get you started with your career in Premier Wrestling.
|| Premier Wrestling Terms of Acceptance ||
=>Terms of Acceptance<=
By filling out this application you understand and acknowledge the following:
I.] That any false information could lead to your application getting denied.
II.] By filling out this application you understand that our shows are weekly and you are able to make the show on time.(Thursdays at 1pmSLT and/or Fridays at 1pmSLT)
III.] By filling out this application you understand that you will have to be available to work each week.(Unless communicated otherwise)
IV.a] By filling out this application you also understand that being a new wrestler will require you to go through our training program.
IV.b] By filling out this application you understand that if you are a veteran SL Wrestler you will have to complete our training course which will be 2 sessions over the course of two weeks.
IV.D] After training has concluded we will then go over your pay. You only get paid once you have finished training and prepared to perform. So the faster you learn the faster you will start getting paid to perform.
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