Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs Project AYCH RESIDENCIES Application Form 2020
The aim of the AYCH residencies is to provide an immersion experience as part of the AYCH Non-formal Education Plan. The participants get the chance to benefit from the expertise available in one of the AYCH Hub to significantly develop their business project or portfolio development in order to access education pathways. Participants will connect with experts and like-minded young people and discover a new city in the Atlantic Area (Portugal, Spain, France, UK). All the AYCH events, programmes and workshops are free and open to all young people aged 16-30 years old.

Make sure you complete this AYCH International Residencies application form, you will be asked to give further details about your project and the aspects you want to work on during your residency, do not hesitate to ask your AYCH local team for some help if needed!

Thank you for your interest, we will get back to you soon!
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