2020-2021 Remote Learning Option: Semester 1 Registration
Please complete this form ONLY IF you want your child to be enrolled in our remote learning program during the FIRST SEMESTER of the upcoming school year. YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS FORM BY JULY 27, 2020. Please note the choice you make will remain IN EFFECT FOR THE ENTIRE FIRST SEMESTER of the upcoming school year. (You will have an option to return to the building or continue remote learning for the second semester later in the year.) Please complete one application per child who intends to enroll in the remote learning program.

Here are some details on how remote learning will work. Please read carefully:
- Remote classes will be taught by Cardinal teachers;
- Remote classes will be conducted during the REGULARLY SCHEDULED school day;
- Daily attendance will be recorded;
- Students will be expected to log in from home to attend class during their scheduled class times.

Additional information will be shared with those doing remote learning once all details are finalized.

Please contact the Board Office at 440-632-0261 x1000 or email kristie.steyer@cardinalschools.org if you have any additional questions.
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