Disability, Arts, and Culture by Alice Sheppard of Kinetic Light
November 20 | 5:30 pm | Ferst Center for the Arts, Georgia Tech

Get an insider’s view of DESCENT with this seminar. Alice Sheppard opens up the world of DESCENT by sharing some
of her research findings and choreographic processes, as well as some of the secrets of how the piece came to be made. Learn more about conversations in disability art and aesthetics, the importance of race and queerness in DESCENT, and get the backstory about the ramp. Spot which of Auguste Rodin’s sculptures appear in the projections and in the movement vocabulary and learn about the work that went into Kinetic Light’s innovative approach to description for blind and nonvisual audiences and the collective’s groundbreaking new app.

This presentation is in support of Kinetic Light's upcoming performance of DESCENT on 11/23 at the Ferst Center of the Arts. Tickets are available at tickets.arts.gatech.edu

Coordinated by Georgia Tech Arts (arts.gatech.edu)
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