Aragon Network Vote #5 Feedback Survey
Please share your feedback about the Aragon Network governance process so we can continue to improve it:
Did you use your ANT to vote in Aragon Network Vote #5? (December 11-13, 2019)
If you did not vote, why not?
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If you did vote, what did you like about the process? What did you not like or find confusing?
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If you did vote, how did you vote?
Do you have any suggestions about how the Aragon Governance Proposal process could be improved in the future? (Both the writing + reviewing proposals part of the process and the voting part.)
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If we funded an in-depth analysis of the vote data, what questions would you like to have answered or what information would you like to know about the vote?
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Do you have any other feedback you would like to share about the vote and the Aragon Governance Proposal process? Please share it here:
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