SAGA Competition Coaching Week 2017/18 - Registration Form
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Waikerie 31 Dec 2017 to 6 Jan 2018
Open to all cross country rated glider pilots with an interest in competition flying
This coaching week will be a fun week of learning in a simulated competition environment. It'll also be a good warm-up for pilots flying in the Waikerie nationals. There will be competition lectures/discussions, "competition" tasks, and daily scores. And with no overall scores every day will be a fresh start. Start points, turn points and airspace will be from the nationals so you can set those up before you arrive.


The registration fee helps cover some of the costs of running the week. All glider pilots intending to participate in the event should pay (including coaches). Some pilots will be arriving early for the nationals and not formally part of the coaching week so they may not pay a registration fee. They'll not doubt listen in and hopefully contribute. So what do you get for your fee? You'll have launch priority; be included in the daily scoring; we'll include your flights in the flight analysis; and coaches will be available for lead-and-follow and to help you during the week.

Please transfer the registration fee to BSB 923100 Acc 37440643 (account name Peter Temple) with your name as the reference

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1. You will need to make your own arrangements for accommodation. A range of options is available through Waikerie Gliding Club or in the Waikerie town.

2. Evening meals will be available.

3. You will be responsible for paying for your own launch and glider hire costs. Twin seater coaching is not planned; however if you arrange a twin seater and a coach you are most welcome.

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