Special dB-SERC lunch discussion 03-06
Discussion Leader: Dr. Michelene T.H. Chi, Arizona State University
When: Monday, March 6 from 12 – 1 pm
Where: 321 Allen Hall

During the lunch, renowned cognitive scientist Dr. Michelene T.H. Chi will discuss the theme: “ICAP: A Theoretical Framework for Active Learning to Promote Deeper Understanding.” ICAP is a domain-general and parsimonious framework that takes the perspective of the learners, and defines four different ways that students can engage with instruction or instructional materials, often referred to as “active learning.” These four ways of engaging can be approximated by students’ overt behaviors, which can be categorized and differentiated into one of four modes: Interactive or collaborative, Constructive or generative, Active or manipulative, and Passive or attentive. Based on plausible knowledge-change processes corresponding to each mode of behavior, one can predict that learning is best in the Interactive mode, followed next by the Constructive mode, then the Active mode, with the Passive mode fostering the least learning. That is, relative to each other, each mode of engagement achieves a different level of learning, in the hierarchical order I>C>A>P. The ICAP hypothesis can explain the results of hundreds of laboratory and classroom studies in the literature. Dr. Chi will brainstorm with the attendees common instructional techniques that others have used, and predict which ones will be more enhancing for deeper learning.
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