How You Can Be Sure God Exists
Are you tired of people saying there's no God? This course is designed to help you share the fact of God's existence quickly, with confidence, and love :)
Course time: 5-10 minutes
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INSTRUCTIONS: Watch the video and answer the following questions. Mobile users: turn your screen horizontal if necessary.
1. What has always existed? *
2. The Bible teaches that the universe has always existed. (Genesis 1:1) *
3. You are alive, intelligent, and emotional, because _______ is/are alive, intelligent, and emotional. *
4. Life only comes from life, and only God has always existed, so we come from God. *
5. It is scientific to believe that the universe and all life (including intelligent life) came from a non-living and unintelligent cause. *
6. Chemicals and water have no life or intelligence, but science has proven that they can produce life and intelligence. *
7. Something cannot come from nothing, and chemicals have no emotion, so chemicals cannot produce emotion. *
8. You are made in God’s image. God is humanity’s... *
9. It’s only logical to say that God has always existed, because something has always existed. *
10. If there was ever a time when only nothing existed, then nothing would still exist now, because something cannot come from nothing. *
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