Start-up Business Assessment
This Business Assessment is for start-up businesses which are not yet in business (pre-revenues).
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Do you currently have a draft of your business plan?  (If "Yes", please bring it to your initial meeting) *
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Please estimate your first year sales *
Who else is currently providing the same or similar service/product as your business? Identify two companies (competitors) and describe their products and/or services. *
Have you identified your target market(s)? They are the different types of customers who will most likely buy your products or services.  If "Yes", please describe your customers.   *
How much funding will your business require to start (estimate)? *
How do you plan to finance the start-up of your business (please check all that apply)? *
How much money do you have available to invest in the business? *
Have you found a location for your business? *
Where will your business be located? (Check all that apply) *
Do you have any collateral (real estate, inventory, equipment, vehicles, CDs, stock)? If yes, state what kind and value. *
Will you need to hire employees for your business? If yes, state how many. *
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Do you have a current copy of your credit report? (If "Yes", please bring it to your initial meeting) *
 What is your current credit score? *
Do you have a current personal financial statement? (If "Yes", please bring it to your initial meeting) *
Do you have a CPA or accountant? *
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