KISJ Pre-Interview Questions 2017–2020

Provide a challenging American curriculum
Promote responsibility to community and the world
Prepare students for learning in university and life

Our well-rounded graduates will lead responsibly and build positive change around the world.

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1. How do you integrate technology to improve student learning? *
Please describe in detail a lesson plan where using technology enhanced critical thinking.
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2. How do you use backward design/UbD in your curriculum planning? *
Please describe, in detail, how using the tenets of Understanding by Design will help your students to learn, remember, and transfer their learning.
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3. How do English Language Learners learn best? *
Please describe, in detail, specific strategies that you use to support the needs of English Language Learners.
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4. How have you supported students in the pastoral or advisory realm? *
KISJ expects that all teachers act as advisors and support students in the social-emotional realm. Please describe, in detail, how you have been successful in non-academic responsibilities.
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5. How do you collaborate with others? *
At KISJ, we place a high value on collaboration. You will be asked to collaborate with several groups including grade level, department, WASC focus groups, and others. Additionally, you will take part in several PLCs and embedded PD throughout the school year. Please describe in detail how you have contributed to the successful collaboration of a team.
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6. Have you ever been accused of inappropriate behavior regarding a minor? *
7. Have you ever had a contract terminated? *
8. Will you have any difficulty passing the strict Korean drug test, which includes marijuana and certain prescribed medications containing morphine? *
A drug test will be conducted upon arrival and any traces of drugs illegal in Korea (prescribed or not elsewhere) will be cause for instant deportation.
9. Are you (or have you been within the past two years) a smoker? *
10. Have you previously worked in South Korea? *
11. Have you ever broken a contract in South Korea? *
12. Do you currently hold a Korean spousal (family) visa or Korean Green Card? (F1) *
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