Pittsgrove Township 2019-20 Teacher and Educational Services Professional of the Year Award
Do you know a classroom teacher or educational services professional who is dedicated, inspiring, and making a difference? If so, please take the time to recommend this person for the Governor’s Educator of the Year Program by completing this nomination form by the specified deadline. Administrators, staff members, parents, and community members are encouraged to participate.

Please complete this form by November 19th.

Each candidate for the Teacher or Educational Services Professional award will be scored based on the criteria below:
• Inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;
• Serves as an exceptionally skilled and dedicated educator in a public or charter school;
• Expresses themselves in an engaging and articulate way;
• Plays an active role in the community as well as the school;
• Demonstrates leadership and innovation in and outside the classroom;
• Has the respect and admiration of students, parents, administrators and colleagues

Educational Services Professionals must be classified as one of the following:

* Anti-Bullying Specialist
* Associate School Library Media Specialist
* Athletic Trainer
* Basic Skills Teacher
* Behavior Specialist
* Cooperative Education Coordinator
* Cooperative Education Coordinator/Hazardous Occupations
* Director of School Counseling Services / Child Study Team
* Educational Interpreter (Cued Speech Transliteration, Oral Interpreting, Sign Language Interpreting)
* Guidance/School Counselor
* Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant
* Mathematics Specialist/Mathematics Coach
* Library Media Specialist
* Paraprofessional (Instructional)
* Reading Specialist/Reading Coach
* School Nurse (Instructional and NonInstructional)
* School Occupational Therapist
* School Physical Therapist
* School Psychologist
* School Social Worker
* Speech-Language Specialist
* Student Assistance Coordinator
* Technology Coach

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Please explain why you feel the educator deserves recognition, citing specific examples. Some things to consider are as follows: the educator’s methods for meeting student needs, desire for professional growth, community involvement, dedication to the education profession, and rapport with students, parents, and staff. The more compelling the response-- the better. Therefore, please use as much space as needed below as the form will expand when you type in it. *
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